Discover Rose Crescent

From the quaint white cottage on the beach, to the ultra modern glass mansion at the top of the cliff, there's always something fun and exciting happening on Rose Crescent.

Come in and meet some of our Rose Crescent residents, including Sophia, the secretive, sexy scientist who lives in the Italian villa. And Marina, media host and VJ who loves classic black and white designs with a hint of sparkle and glamour.

Rose Crescent Jewelry

Inspired by Rose Crescent residents, I create designs and artwork and then print on special opalescent paper. The artwork is made into beautiful glass tiles which are then set into silver plated settings and fashioned into bracelets, pendants and earrings. Carefully chosen Swarovski crystals and pearls and other beautiful beads are added to make each piece even more special.

Surprise a special friend, send as a birthday, Christmas or graduation gift, or honor Mom or Grandmother for Mother's Day. Don't forget to choose something for yourself to feel pretty, special and fabulous!